About Us

Your travel agency in Bologna

We are Travelhoo

We create slow travel experiences with passion and attention to detail


Behind Travelhoo there’s Alessandra and Paola. Travellers from way back, we have been dealing with outgoing and incoming tourism since 2005, when we decided to found our own travel agency. Travelhoo is the place where our love of discovery meets our desire to put ourselves to the test, as well as our creativity and determination.

Every tour we offer is selected and organised with the utmost care and competence. Our mission is to satisfy the desire of every type of customer; in fact, our agency's goal can be summed up with the motto “Best Travel Experience”.

Travelhoo offers a wide range of services for tourists and travellers, such as a selection of walking tours and bike tours in Bologna, as well as Vespa and Fiat 500 tours. Over time, we have created many guided tours ranging from sightseeing tours of Bologna, Ferrara and Ravenna, to nature, history and food & wine tours in and around Bologna.

We strongly believe that travelling on foot or on two wheels means connecting to nature and to the landscape that surrounds you. It also means feeling the wind blowing on your face and exchanging glances with people. Those who have experienced this with us have always enjoyed it thoroughly. Are you ready to try it too?