School tours

Guided tours for schoolchildren of all ages

Travelhoo organises educational tours and experiences for schools of all grades, from primary to high school. Each guided tour is tailored to your needs, and aims to offer the right mix of fun and learning. That’s why we always try to plan our tours together with the schools, so as to support you at every stage of the process.

Our travel agency is based in Bologna, but we also organise tours in other cities of our region, such as Ferrara and Ravenna. You can find some customizable ideas in the list below. In case you don’t find what’s right for you, don't worry: feel free to contact us and we'll create a tailor-made guided tour for your class.

  • Private tour of Bologna, on foot or by bike
  • Private tour of Ravenna, on foot or by bike
  • Private tour of Ferrara, on foot or by bike
  • Treasure hunt for children in Bologna